Last Break of 2006

Into 2007 and I’m already hard-pressed to keep my blog updated!

In the closing days of 2006, we made a rather (in retrospect) silly decision to spend some time at a seaside resort close by. It was silly and desperate as December has always been a wet and wild time with the tropical monsoon in full bloom.

BUT! Thank God and the Heavens! It was a miracle that on the 3 days that we spent there, we had sunshine (weak) and cool breezes.

Turi beach rocky
This is Turi Beach Resort on the island of Batam. Its a short 30 minute ride by high speed ferry from Singapore.

The plan was to let the missus and the kids relax on the private beach and the boys get in a spot of fishing on the really long jetty.

Day 1 was rather disappointing for fishing. Being new to the place, we set about testing the waters and trying various baits. Plenty of rocks and corals, so as expected, I lost about 5 sets of rigs.
Day 2 was Fantastic. We had secured a bag of fresh prawns the night before from the seafood restaurant and started fishing right after a leisurely breakfast.
Stingray In about an hour we had hooked up 3 good size stingrays, (but only laned 2). Each stingray was about 2 kilos. Also thrown in were a couple of white snappers.
We got the restaurant at the resort to cook up the stingray for us.
Grilled Stingray on banana leaf Mmmmm.. this was really yummy. Grilled stingray done on a banana leaf and marinated with sambal and chilli.

The thing about resorts is that they are mostly isolated and usually quite far from the civilised areas. Getting to the nearest village would cost an unreasonable amount of money. So, it was decided that we dine in at the same restaurant for the subsequent meals. At least there was some variety.. ha ha ha.


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