Seafood Laksa pie anyone?

Dimbulah is a well known by coffee lovers and around Raffles Place it is a comforting place to hang out, if not for their excellent coffee, then just to escape the rat race of the business district.
It’s where I go get my cup of Joe in the mornings. It’s also a good place to go to if you are short of time for lunch and need a quick bite. No issues of long queues there.
I’d say they serve safe, wholesome foods; tuna sandwiches, muffins, wraps and hearty soups. But then about a week ago I noticed something quite daring – a new item they call Seafood Laksa pie.
What on earth was that?! As a self-proclaimed foodie, I certainly have never heard of such a concoction.
I had to try this. So even though I already had my lunch of claypot yam rice, I bagged the pie for 3 pm… you know, tea break.
3 pm came and went and it wasn’t till I got home at half six that I reheated the pie in the oven. The aroma was clearly… laksa. That’s promising. Then, the first bite. Woah! It’s like laksa all in pastry! The laksa ingrediants went surprising well with their pie pastry. There were little prawns, fish cake and surprise, surprise… even a quail’s egg! My missus came by and asked for a sample. Even she, a red-blooded peranakan, nodded in approval. Only comment was “bit salty”. I disagreed.
It was good enough that I had another one this evening.


~ by Macrocosm on August 7, 2009.

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