A year of … relocations

Year 2009 would surely be remembered as the year when I had to change 2 addresses in a matter of months.
The first change was when the folks decided to sell the family home in favour of something smaller. There was also the matter of a cash-strapped business, which was, like many businesses affected by the global slowdown. The family business hadn’t been particularly healthy even before then, so you can imagine what the ailing economy did to it.
The 2nd change occurred when our company made the decision to avoid leasing highly volatile properties within the central business district and settled on a eco-friendly new building way outside the city – in fact it is closer to the airport. The only benefit is that it is a stone’s throw away from my home.
The old office premises was housed within Hitachi Tower, a 37 floor skyscraper.

Hitachi Tower, Dec 05.JPG

This building was to be my work place for a good 14 years.
What was rather surprising to me was that I thought nothing of the move to the new premises until the last days.
Only then did I feel the melancholy set in. After all the excitement, the packing, the sussing out of the new location – after all the fuss had died down – you realise that a piece of history would created and that Hitachi Tower would be no more.
You see, although our company was not the anchor tenant, we had the naming rights to the building. That was the deal worked out with the landlords.
Now that we have moved out of the building, there is no reason for the landlords to retain the name Hitachi Tower.

I guess the move out of the old premises brought to the surface a buried resentment I had harboured when dad sold the family home.
Although, I haven’t stayed with the folks for 16 years (except for the once a year visits), having a family home gave me a sense of belonging- especially since I was working abroad.
Our old home was renovated not too long ago – 5 years by my reckoning is still ‘new’. Dad was all about setting up the house to cater for his grand kids and all. So sometimes I do wonder if I should have made the move to come home before now. Well, I guess it is all too late for that now. Although I wasn’t there when the folks moved out, I felt some guilt at not having helped with the moving. I could tell it was a very telling time for my brother and my mom. They were strung out and at each other every other day.
On the other hand, I am thankful for not being there, as the sentimental side of me would not have taken the move too well.
As I write this passage, I look at my sleeping babes and wonder what their hearts felt when they heard the news of their grand dad selling the big house they loved to play around in once a year. I know I spoke of this once to the younger of the two and at 7 years old, her optimistic reply was “Well, surely there will still be a place to explore”.
I do know that for the 1st time since I left to work abroad, I have this dread to return to Perth. I particularly know that it would be very painful for me to drive by the house which I once called my home.



~ by Macrocosm on November 1, 2009.

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